Fixed card pictures not refreshing.
Added a simple notifications page.


Speed improvements.
Improved connection logic.
Bug and crash fixes.


Fixed a memory leak.
Fixed a few other crash bugs.


Improved emote selector lag and loading times.
Fixed a loop that caused excess CPU usage.
Fixed global BTTV emotes.
Fixed GIF's showing wrong GIF.


Fixed search crash bug.
A few other bugs have been fixed.


Fixed message options (Ordered options is currently disabled).
Fixed blocking users.
Fixed issue with profiles not showing.
Fixed issue with messages repeating when chat limit is set.
Made some battery optimizations.
Added founders badge.
Added time stamp to disconnect/reconnect messages to give more detail.
Added setting to allow users to change the video size/ratio.
Fixed bug where a hosted channel would play on all channels.
Fixed keyboard overlaying text field bug.


Added setting to hide the video information banner while swiping through connected channels.
Added setting to limit the number of saved chat messages.
Fixed BTTV emote backgrounds.
Fixed scrolling reset bug.
Fixed some audio only bugs.
Fixed various crash bugs.
Chat will no longer show in picture-in-picture mode.
Loading of pictures should now be faster.


Made cards use grid view for tablets.
You can now watch channel clips from the channel info page.
Bug fixes.


Added picture-in-picture mode for Android versions 7+.
Added setting to allow followed channels to show first.
Made some small optimizations to gif loading.
Native banner ad colours will be less intrusive when watching videos.
You can now click on a clip title to go to their channel.
Various bug/crash fixes.


Added remove ads feature.
Fixed live notifications


More user settings to save battery power.
AMOLED theme is back in theme selector.
Added more videos button to player.
Emote menu will now remember previous open tab.
Added animations to emote selector and some other views.
Reduced method count to allow single dex.
The chat landscape pull bar will now auto hide.
Fixed audio only for previous videos.
Streamer and VIP's will now show on user list.